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Richard Sargent Above & on the Home page: Levine in her studio. CLICK to enlarge photo.
Artworks pages: H.R.H. Briefcase, Johan's Jacket, Cup with Zipper Lid, Whyte Eice, Zipup, Nitro, Spot's Suitcase, Peggy's Jacket and P.H.V. Strap.
Activities page: Peggy's Jacket.
Don Hall Artworks pages: Bob's Cowboy Boots and John's Mountie Boots.
Activities page: Sid's Strap on the Retrospective Catalogue cover.
Leo Holub Biography Section: Levine with her cat, Tabasco.
Marilyn Levine Artworks pages: Clay's Straps, Sandi's Mailbag and Boots with Steel Toes.
Quest Page: Knapsack
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