Small Zipper Bag, 1981

Ringo, 1993

Tundra, 1995

Two Tone Box, 1989


Marilyn Levine

Opening July 17, 2004, at the Frank Lloyd Gallery in the Bergamot Station complex in Santa Monica, California, was a solo exhibition of Marilyn Levine’s ceramic sculpture comprising over thirty works ranging from the 1981 Small Zipper Bag pictured at top left, to selections from her recent cup series made during the last decade. The cup forms included Ringo and Tundra, both illustrated at left, as well as Nitro, Burr, Bondi and Meister, all illustrated on this website under the Artworks tab. Also, included in the exhibition, were ceramic bags, boxes and jackets, including Anne’s Jacket, Bob's Jacket and CMN, pictured under the Artworks tab and Two Tone Box, shown here at bottom left.

This first solo show of Levine's artwork in the Los Angeles area in over twenty years was on view through August 14, 2004. Please contact the gallery at 310-264-3866 or visit their website for more information.

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts in San Angelo, Texas, recently held their 15th National Ceramic Symposium this past April. Concurrently with the symposium, a national competitive exhibition was mounted, along with a special invitational exhibit of a dozen works by Marilyn Levine, both running through June 20, 2004. Included in the Levine exhibit, were Two Tone Box, pictured at bottom left, as well as the cup forms, Nitro and Meister pictured in the Artworks section of this site. Also included was a work from 1986 titled Brown Lens Case which was acquired for the permanent collection of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. Additional information can be found at the museum website.







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